Fairy Non-Bio

Fairy Non-Bio This little fairy is Bizzie. When Saatchi&Saatchi asked us to animate her in their Fairy Non-Bio ad, our animator fainted with cuteness overload. So the result paid off. https://vimeo.com/706162688 She’s also cute enough to make every mother forget all about dish soap.

Playing House

Playing House Our award-winning animated short film about how kids are shaped by what they see. Two kids’ playing house game gets weird as they pretend https://vimeo.com/553143185 https://onionskin.co/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/PlayingHouse-Animatic-Previs-Animation-Final2.mp4 Storyboard to Final “Playing House” has been officially selected more than fifty festivals around the world and won seventeen awards so far. Credits DirectorÖzgül Gürbüz & Cenk… Continue reading Playing House


Badabing! We made this animation scene just for fun over the voice of Sonny Corleone (James Caan) from The Godfather. Disclaimer: no actual assassinations were attempted while rendering this animation. We only murder pixels and have a great time doing it. https://vimeo.com/706217077 Click below to watch the animation preview.https://onionskin.co/wp-content/uploads/2022/08/Godfather_Badabing_Animation_001.mp4 Credits AnimationCenk Köksal Lighting/RenderingMurat Kılıç SimulationBerk… Continue reading Badabing!

Drunk Santa

Drunk Santa Our studio’s Christmas card for this year!  Milk and cookies? What if he’s a fan of the mulled wine? https://vimeo.com/494556077 Here are the background of some of his festive cheer Character sketches Box loops The Chosen one Cleaned up animation and paint Background

Buki Einstein

Buki Einstein Tvc for early reservation campaign of a travel agency Setur. The client wanted to make an Einstein version of ‘Buki’, the company’s mascot, in order to strengthen the campaign’s motto “The formula of your dream holiday”. So we came up with this little genius and put him in the tvc. https://vimeo.com/88076142 They already… Continue reading Buki Einstein

TetraPak – Milk Island

TetraPak – Milk Island TetraPakMilk Island We created a digital world made of carton milk boxes to encoureage and inform children about milk’s benefits. The campaign aiming to enhance milk drinking habits of growing children, has come to life in imaginary paper city Milk Island. The website includes milky games, rewards and interesting papertoy designs.… Continue reading TetraPak – Milk Island