Inspiring Figures "CORONA"

We interviewed “Corona” who is the most influential figure of the last couple of years for sure…

Our goal was to tell what happened with the pandemic in its hottest days and thus we decided to interview the most important figure of its centre, Coronavirus.

He is like all millennials; obsessed with his selfies and has a very short attention span.

Here some “Extras” that couldn’t make it to the final cut.

Our third short film was made in collaboration with PBD Studio. 

We designed all of the characters, then they did an amazing job animating the film based on our story.

And here is a complete behind the scene of how we made it…


Onion Skin Studio

Cenk Köksal

Concept Artist
Mustafa Gündem

Voice Actor
Bobby Gaglini

2D Animation
PBD Interactive

Animation Supervisor
Emre Konyalı

Seray Çataroğlu
Özhan Odak
Emre Konyalı

Character Rigger

Emre Konyalı
Emre Can Üçbaş

BG Artist
Muhammet Durmuş

Additional BG
Erkan Özgür Yılmaz

Sound Design
Murat Çelikkol

Muhammet Durmuş

Social Media
İnci Vardar Rodoplu


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