Onward Living

Onward Living – Shared Ownership Onward Living brings the concept of shared ownership to life, with very stylish characters who live happily ever after in their homes. https://vimeo.com/490829906 The Like Minded made the design and we rigged and animated the characters. Credits Production/DesignThe Like Minded 2D Animation/RiggingOnion Skin Studio


Inspiring Figures – “CORONA”

Ice Age – Scrat’s Nutty Adventure

Ice Age – Scrat’s Nutty Adventure Everyone’s favorite prehistoric squirrel is back in action. This time we’re proud to have helped make some of the animated cutscenes for his adventure in PS/XBox game “Ice Age Scrat’s Nutty Adventure”. Here are our parts from the all cutscenes of the game. https://vimeo.com/554540651 Credits ClientJust Add Water ProductionThe… Continue reading Ice Age – Scrat’s Nutty Adventure

In the Woods

In the Woods Trailer of our latest short film about two young monsters’ vlog diary about living in an urban forest. What could possibly go wrong when two little monsters have a camera, right? https://vimeo.com/713478987 Onion Skin production developed by Elif Ilgın Saçan and Emir Erol. Its festival period began by premiering at the Stuttgart… Continue reading In the Woods

The Eye

A short animated film about an awkward creature that wakes up in a lab.